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FREDDE Ikea Gaming Desk
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Nintendo Switch

It's important to have fun during the day


I use my iPad for socials and notifications

ASUS Rog 49

My first wide-screen in my life. I can't live without it - Asus website

Elgato Stream Deck

One of the important tool for live streaming and for everyday working tasks - Elgato Stream Deck website

Aukey Gaming Keyboard

A good gaming keyboard with blue keys... I <3 that sound

Aukey Mouse Pad

An XXL mouse pad for my mouse and my keyboard

Logitech MX Master 3

Best mouse ever. You can use it with three different devices and I like how my hand fits his ergonomic shape.

LG 24" Full HD with FreeSync

One of my old monitor from my old setup. It's a good monitor and I use it to record courses, videos and quick sharing during the calls with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft HD Cinema Webcam

One of my first webcam in my life. It's old but I use it during my intro scene with OBS. It records my monitor from behind and I apply a blur effect to it.

Logitech C920

One of the best webcams for streaming and recording videos.

Sony a6400

It doesn't require a presentation. The best camera for streaming.

Tonor Q9 USB

Not the best microphone on the market, but it works very well even it's a USB microphone. I use it for everything during the day: video recording, calls and streaming.


Additional lights for my streaming and video recording. It's just a light for photographers. It's too big but it's cheaper than Elgato lights.

Microsoft Headphones

The first version of Microsoft Headphones. Good product with long battery life. Working well with my iPhone, iPad and my other laptops.

JBL Quantum 400

Headphones for gaming. I use the USB-C connection for having spatial sound and the lights on the headphones sides.

Logitech Z337 2.1 Speaker System

Subwoofer under my desk and two speakers behind the main monitor. Best places for this bluetooth speaker system.

My main PC

I use this gaming pc as my main working machine. It has Ryzen 3700X, 32GB RAM, Nvidia 1070 GTX, 1TB solid HD, 4TB high-speed HD.

Elgato HD60S

USB 3.0 Game Capture card. I use it when during the streaming or video recording I have to capture my laptop HDMI signal.